Marhaban Ya Ramadhan

Environmental Commitment

At Patuno Resort Wakatobi we are committed to the environment, and we are continually striving to improve our environmental policies. We invite all guests to help us in this effort by recycling plastic bottles and other recyclables such as aluminum cans and bottles, being conscious of energy consumption by turning off lights and air conditioning units when leaving your room, and by reusing towels when it is not an inconvenience to do so.

We are in the process of designing and cultivating a large organic fruit and vegetable garden close to the resort in the hope that we will be able to supply our Wakatobi Resort kitchens with the majority of the fruits and vegetables needed in the near future. We are excited by this prospect as not only will we be providing guests with meals made up of freshly picked ingredients, but also our carbon footprint will be reduced as it will no longer be necessary to import vegetables by boat and plane from nearby islands. We would also like to invite guests to contribute with feedback and suggestions on how we can become even more environmentally aware.