Marhaban Ya Ramadhan

Social Commitment

At Patuno Resort Wakatobi we are committed to being socially and culturally responsible. The traditional Wakatobi Island culture is varied and unique and at Patuno Resort Wakatobi we celebrate the Wakatobi Culture and are concerned for it’s preservation. We invite guests to get involved and experience local customs and culture through taking part in our Wakatobi cultural tours and half day trips. We ensure that local communities financially benefit from these visits and you will have the opportunity to purchase local Wakatobi handicrafts such as traditional weaving's and ceramics. For more information on how you can make the most of your visit to the Wakatobi and experience traditional Wakatobi Culture click here.

We also employ local people from the Wakatobi region wherever possible and we take care to provide them with a high standard of training in order to increase their skills base and future enjoyability in the tourism and hospitality industry. Our capacity building training programs for local Wakatobi staff include; 3 month residential hospitality training programs in Bali, regular on-the-job English Language training, PADI Dive Course training up to Dive Master level, Emergency First Response training, basic IT skills training, and on-the-job customer service training. The aim of employing local staff is to ensure that local Wakatobi communities benefit from tourism generated income in the Wakatobi area.

Another key aim in employing people from local Wakatobi communities is to provide them with alternative income opportunities. We believe that in providing members of local communities with job opportunities in the tourism sector, we are offering an attractive alternative to some of the traditional income generation techniques which have been found to put pressure on local natural resources and result in environmental degradation. Since the Wakatobi Region became Indonesia's third largest Marine National Park many new regulations have been put into place to protect the coral reefs and preserve bio-diversity. As a result there are restrictions on fishing, and destructive fishing practices (which unfortunately many people used to rely on as a way of generating income) have been banned in the interest of preserving the Wakatobi’s unique marine environment. As a result local communities are in need of alternative income solutions and at Patuno Resort Wakatobi we are committed to being a part of the solution, both in the interest of the environment and in the interest of local communities. We see the development of responsible diving tourism in the Wakatobi region as a key component in protecting this marine reserve and we are proud to be involved.